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Not sure when you you or the person you are buying this for can attend a class? Here is how we do this. Purchase the Open Schedule class and we will send you an email to begin the scheduling process or send a printable gift certificate. 

What is the difference between "Knife-Making and Bladesmithing"?

Knife Making is commonly referred to as "stock removal" and is where we cut the shape of the knife out from flat stock steel and use grinders to create the entire blade, grind bevels and edges, and shape handles.

Bladesmithing is the process of taking an ingot or piece of steel and hammering it to shape on the anvil before using grinders and files to finish the blade. These classes are more labor intensive and are typically 2 day classes.

We offer one two-day, weekend  Bladesmithing course at our shop. Weekend classes are on a Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 4pm (or longer if needed). Our weekday smithing classes are either Monday & Tuesday or Thursday & Friday and will run from 8am - 4pm (or longer if needed).

Advanced classes will always add the third day to the beginning of the two day schedule, (Example, an advanced class booked for Saturday & Sunday class will then start on Friday).

What Is Included In A Class?

In our classes you will learn to make your own knife along-side Liam. This includes a step-by-step instruction in basic knowledge with hands on application of learned materials, and a information packet for use in class and for students to take home. All materials for the projects are included and your blade is yours to keep.

 Introduction Classes

Intro-1. This class 2 day class covers the basic design, construction, and principles of bladesmithing in a hands on format. Students are provided a piece of steel do design and fabricate their knife from. Students will learn basic forging techniques and principles, grinding, heat treating, and handle construction. In addition students will learn basic leather sheath construction if time permits. The finished blades will be between 8 and10 inches overall length.

Intro-2. STUDENTS MUST HAVE COMPLETED INTRO 1 FIRST. In this 2-day class students will get to practice the skills learned in intro-1 while learning more about edge geometry and grinding profiles. Students will be provided a piece of steel large enough to create a blade between 10 and 14 inches in overall length. This class does not include a sheath.

Advanced Classes 

Our advanced classes are for return students. To take an advanced course you must have completed the introduction courses. These classes are 3-day courses with the exception of the damascus class which is a 2-day weekend course.

Advanced Classes included are.

  1. Full Tang With Bolsters
  2. Hidden Tang With Guard
  3. Frame Handle With Guard
  4. Hidden Tang With Guard And Pommel
  5. Take Down Bowie (must have completed Advanced 2,3,4 before signing up)
  6. Karambit
  7. Chefs Knives/Kitchen Cutlery
  8. Tactical Knives With Kydex Sheath
  9. Integral Guard/Bolster
  10. Blades with Serrations
  11. Artistic Filing and Jimping on Tangs and Spines
  12. Damascus (2 day class)
  13. A La Carte {special projects coordinated with Liam in advance}

Advanced students can take a Damascus class in order to make materials for advanced classes. 

Classes are currently limited to 2 students per class. Please email for availability dates.

**Release of liability waiver required. 

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