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Great class

Really enjoyed knife making with Liam. Great class and humbling to see how much work goes into it. Highly recommend!

Jonathan Holloway
Bad ass!!!!

Blackguard Customs has been making O.P. Veteran, knives and axes for years. When the new owner takes posetion of these beautifully hand forged weapons they are speechless. I can't tell you how much I love learning and hanging out with Blackguard and watching magic happen right before my eyes! I will only have my weapons made by Blackguard Customs.

chaz belongie

Awesome company
Great people to deal with highly recommend

Superior quality

Another quality product, worth every penny

Christian Dalton
Best beard oil

By far the best beard oil I’ve ever used. Easy to use and feels great and you can’t be the price for the quality you get

Outfitter Knives

What an awesome set of knives! I’ve used all of the knives the Quisto cleaver, skinner and boning knife are indestructible! I have used them for the past three hunting seasons and they are by far the finest knives I’ve ever used. The fillet knife is my favorite. I have a lake in my backyard, and eat fish almost daily. The fillet knife after cleaning probably a few hundred fish is still unbelievably sharp. An awesome set of tools. Well worth the price! Good shit isn’t cheap, and cheap shit isn’t good. Thanks for the craftsmanship and work that went into each knife. I’d buy them all again in a heartbeat!

What an incredible experience!!

Liam took such care in giving the knife-making experience so incredible for my son and me. Liam customized the knife-making class specially geared to my son’s desire to have a Colonial Period knife. With his vast knife book collection, he took the time to show us the knife options and what the distinctions were that would make constructing one most authentic to that period. Liam’s way of teaching is so methodical and patient and he gave such great instruction and attention to detail. He was kind to answer so many questions, his vast knowledge of knives shows how talented and passionate about the history, craftsmanship and skills to making a knife that stands the test of time, we learned so much. Every detail from a sketch, to a slab of steel, to shaping,, to heating and quenching, to adding a patina, to honing a special handle, to sharpening and adding laser-engraved initials, it was amazing to see this custom knife come to life. Not only did my son get to make this incredible knife, but Liam’s leather skills are amazing to. From a piece of leather, he taught him how to cut, dye, shape, hand-sew and buff a beautiful leather sheath custom fitted for his special knife. The entire experience was so memorable and my son feels he has created a family heirloom to treasure. Liam is such a kind soul and it is so apparent that whether it is serving his country or honing his craft of knifes and leather, he dedicates only his very best. We are truly grateful for the most incredible two days and really look forward to coming to do it again. We have highly recommend this experience for yourself!

Great product and great customer service!

It was a pleasure working with Blackguard Customs. I had a rough idea of what I wanted and Liam was able to come up with a great design. I was walked through the entire process and a great product (axe) was delivered on time. I will definitely go back. Thank you Blackguard Customs!

Heidi Blanchard
Wonderful products

I bought my husband this kit as a birthday gift and he loves it! I picked the Black Jack scent and the tobacco bay leaf soap. He's never gotten more compliments on his beard! I love essential oils, so these products smell really good to me! These are high quality products.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

I have purchased multiple custom pieces including memorial commissions for our fallen. Liam and Kristi have delivered the vision everytime. I would highly recommend this business for any of your custom pieces you are looking to have created.

Brandon Lokey
Field Filet

Outstanding craftsmanship! Order on time. Lightweight and razor sharp. 100%

Best I've used

My wife got me this kit for my birthday, with the Black Jack scent. Can't say enough good things about it. First off, the beard brush and comb are my favorite I've owned. I really like the wood color, designs etched, and the rugged feel overall. The Black Jack scent is a little stronger than anything I have used in the past, that said I like it and so does my wife. The beard oil feels great and think I'm gonna be stuck on it over the other stuff I've used. I think the next one I'll try is the coffee. The box it comes in with a magnetic lid is a nice touch too. Overall I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks fellas! I'll be a repeat customer for sure!

Kasey Harmon
Best in the game!!

Love these products, I don’t use anything else on my beard. I have been growing my beard for over 3 years now and this is by far the best product I have found!!

Ian Cannon

Been wanting this for a while. Had the patriot axe from the limited run few years ago. This made the pair and looks amazing

Tom Sellers
Fantastic class and experience

I took a weekend Intro-1 Bladesmithing class and it was everything I hoped it would be. Liam did an excellent job teaching while keeping the experience low stress and relaxed. He made sure that we understood what was happening and allowed plenty of time for questions. Mistakes were expected as part of learning. He ensured that we knew how to be safe operating the equipment and kept an eye out to make certain we took it seriously. As a person with no experience in a shop or metalworking, Liam's teaching style allowed me to be relaxed and focus on learning new things. I walked away with a knife that I'm proud of and even greater respect for the hard work and artisanry that goes into bladesmithing. I would absolutely recommend classes at BlackGuard Customs for anyone looking to learn.

Works good. Doesn't smell bad.

Dustin Chamblee
Love it

I like this product the best

Dustin Chamblee
Love it

This stuff is awesome

Lisa Sears
Beautiful work

My boys found this and the Tomahawk for their dad for Christmas. So our 5 boys split the cost of the Tomahawk and I purchased the wall hanger. The set is beautiful and is on the wall beside our military shadow boxes. To be on our military wall it has to mean something and this set made the cut. Thank you for this awesome gift.

Formula 1776

This is a great product! I like how it keeps my beard soft and conditioned, it’s really good for your skin as well which in turn gives you a healthy beard. The scent on this one is very mild, maybe just a tad too mild but over all very satisfied with this product.

M Gruettemeyer
2021 Christmas

My wife surprised me with a monogrammed knife this year for Christmas. Follow Liam on Instagram and watched him on Forged in Fire. She knew I was a big fan and suprised me with a beautiful knife. I love the fact that we are supporting a veteran for one and he has such unique pieces made of great quality! Every time I have a question he and his wife always answer my questions quickly. Can’t wait to get many more pieces to add to my collection. Can’t go wrong with Black Guard Customs

Donald Brown III
Smells great! Works Great!

I’ve never used beard oil before, however after using this product I’m a fan! It smells great with out being overpowering and it keeps my beard soft and healthy looking!!

Kevin Kientz
Awesome product!

The artisan soap smells so good! Glad I chose it as my free gift!

Kasey Harmon
Beard care products

I love your beard oils and beard balms. I have tried several other products and none of them compare to these. I just recently ran out of balm and had to wait a week for my order to get here and my beard was getting dry and itchy. I will never order anything other than Just Beards products!!

Phil Kieffer
Choose Your Words Carefully Hoodie

Awesome hoodie!! Great material, excellent warmth! BadAss graphic image on the back! Definitely sends a message!! Again I’m impressed with Black Guard Custom’s products and customer service! Definitely made a customer for life out of me!!!