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The Knife making class I attended with Liam was awesome. He really tailored the class according to my background and understanding. It was hands on when needed and always maintained a consistent communication about the tools, processes, and craft. He is very knowledgeable and has made some of the best axes and blades I have ever seen. If you are looking to begin in knife making or forging I highly recommend contacting Liam. Thanks again, It was a blast. B. Medina


I just wanted to say that this hammer exceeded all my expectations. It is amazing craftsmanship and I love all the details while still knowing that it is sturdy. Thank you again and please let me know how to proceed with my next order. I do want to so a spear. C. Root
Just received my knife and I must say it FAR exceeds my expectations!! It fits my hand perfectly and is absolutely exquisite! Thank you so much for this!! - D Rogers 
Liam, you and you're team down there in Texas are truly remarkable craftsmen of the highest degree. I was at first hesitant about commissioning this knife only because I had never bought a custom knife before. You answered all my questions extremely fast and I couldn't have been put more at ease. The knife you created is something I could never do in this lifetime but thankfully this knife will out live me. My children will own it and their children after them, all thanks to you. Your team has helped me create a piece of art and function that is beautiful as it is sharp. I've said it before and I'm proud to say it again, I cannot thank you guys enough for the amazing job you and your team have done. God Bless all of you. C. Nugent
Thank you for the follow up. It was beautiful; you guys do a really nice job and very easy to work with. One of our general officers was present for the event and he had already asked for your website information. Everyone loved it! Hopefully, this drives more business your way. Thank you again, much appreciated. -Tim

 I just wanted to thank you and your staff for making our wedding rings. The Damascus rings turned out great. Thank you very much from The Acosta Family


I just received my amazing handcrafted spike tomahawk which will be a great addition to my office wall. The craftsmanship is top notch and I'm happy to be able to support a Veteran owned small business. Keep up the good work. This is just the 1st of many orders to come. - T. Braur


 Outstanding work and worth the wait. Extreamly happy with my purchase and will have some custom work done again in the future. - T. Seitz


Blackguard Customs,

 On Christmas Eve 2016, I received a blade of such quality, such craftsmanship, that my breath was taken away. It was at that moment I knew when I approached the doors of Valhalla I would be clutching a... no THIS battle axe. When my eyes set upon the hardwood handle, elegantly wrapped in leather, leather that that would not allow it to slip from my hand with every swing, leather that would keep the blade clutched firmly in my right hand and the American flag in my left, I knew this was a piece of work. Then I continued to study this tool I was being presented, I quickly observed the fine, detailed craftsmanship of the metal, an image of a skull, a warrior, in the blade. Then, finally, a series of words, but not just words but the ideas of a nation, the spirit of freedom, “Never Yield”, “Stack Em Up”. These phrases speak volumes, phases easily spoken by George Washington as he drifted across the Delaware, a Washington clad in military silkies, an eagle on his shoulder and a blade by his side to slay, all in the spirit of the holidays. To get to my point, you have provided me with a blade of blades, an axe of great quality, one I will cherish for many many years to come. Prior to typing this I made my own order from your company, I look forward to more purchases and that feeling in my loins of freedom and Ol Glory!

Great work, freedom the fuck on!

R. Lausch



Amateur scalper.



"Hey Liam,

 It is something I have wanted to do for years but could never really explain it to someone who “got it”….or was interested in making it happen.  I don’t have an artistic bone in my body and so most people I’ve spoken to have given me this blank stare of “what the hell is this guy going on about”.  After only one e-mail you were able to take my clumsy comms and put them into something majestic, something that I know will be around for 100 years from now…..long after I’m gone – Truly Priceless for me!   

 You seriously have a God given talent!

 Also, to you and the wife and team, great customer service, another rarity in today’s world!  I was a little nervous being so far and doing everything over the internet but you made me feel like you were next door and handling this face to face.

 The Blackguard Team absolutely have me as a lifelong customer and I will be giving your name to everyone I know.

 Best Always"


 Greetings !

I just wanted to let you guys know that I presented my son with his gift yesterday and he loved it!  The craftsmanship, quality, and detail on that axe amazed both of us.  You all definitely surpassed my expectations.  In fact, I was so impressed, I just went online and purchased a knife; Order  **** for the Patriot to be exact.  I have been overwhelmingly impressed with the service of your company as well and since I know you guys actually read your emails and care about your customers, I wanted to take the time to let you know to keep up the good work.  I am so impressed, I will be actively endorsing your company and products to all of my friends and family.  
Thanks again,


Design Photo 


This is an actual design photo. Based on what this customer wanted, we transposed his custom requests onto an axe photo and scaled it to size. We provide you with this photo example for a $30 fee so you can actually see what you're getting before a purchase is made. No surprises. Here is what this customer had to say about his experience: 


"Dear Blackguard Customs,

Thank you so much for providing an awesome product once again! Your craftsmanship continues to amaze me, and your quick response and personal approach to customer service exceeds the bar! I cant wait to present my fellow Diamond Bearer with your functional work of art. No doubt that it will be displayed proudly.

Thank you for your service, and Thank you for affording us an awesome way to honor our fellow veterans, and commemorate their service in such a unique way. 

Kristi, Thank you for keeping me informed on the status of my order. Your personal attention to detail and correspondence in placing my order truly simplified the process and gave me peace of mind that I'd receive exactly what I was looking for.

Looking forward to doing business with Blackguard Customs in the future!"

Then he said "Kristi deserves a raise!". Ok, well not exactly but I believe he was thinking it which is the same thing.


I am writing to you to let you know I received my custom made axe that you have been working on for me over the last several weeks.  Since the inception of an idea I had to get my son a birthday gift for his one year (first) birthday, you have been a tremendous help.  I decided that one of your pieces of artwork would be something special for me to have handmade and then to pass down to my son.  To some people, they might not understand, but I know that you do as well as other men with a warrior ethos like yourself.  Upon contacting you while I was deployed in Africa, you were tremendously helpful in every aspect from helping me choose the design to finally helping me figure out what to put on the handle.  After all the design ideas, it turned out simplicity was the best route.  But the end result was amazing.  You sent me pictures throughout the process, but today after receiving it in the mail, I am awe. I honestly hope that more people will find you and your ability and that you can create something for them like you did for me.  Hopefully it will be something that is still around after we are not, and that incredible to be a part of.  Thank you again for everything.  -A.  Spurlin, 



 At Shot Show 2015 Liam made an axe that was given to John Wayne Walding, from Wes the owner of Rogue American apparel. I was in awe of Liam's work. I knew right away I wanted one. Then a few months later BlackGuard posted some pictures of a long blade tree of life axe. That was it! I had to have one just like it but with my company logo and a Patriot. The first thing I requested of Liam is that it was functional, so it would really work if needed. I didn't want just a eye piece. Liam guaranteed me that it would be more than functional, it would be B.A!  All expectations were exceeded when I put my hands on it. Being a craftsman myself I am very picky. There is not one thing on this axe I would change. NOTHING!
Darrell Kress
SD Tactical Arms Owner



Wes Whitlock, Owner Rogue American Apparel – “Highly talented artist, stunning craftsmanship.” during the GI Show interview



Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit and Auction – “Beautiful Piece! Thanks Blackguard Customs!”



 "A couple months ago I had ordered a custom ax from Black Guard Customs. When it was delivered I was overly impressed with the craftsmanship and detail that was put into our ax. To top it off, they surprised my family and me with a very custom ax and display case. The ax and case were in memory of my brother, Chris Kyle. We were shocked to say the least. The detail and time put into not only the axe but the case as well are by far some of the best work I've ever seen. The caliber of workmanship and detail put into this one of a kind tribute ax only speaks to the highest caliber of people working at Black Guard Customs. The ax was build as a donation to our benefit for an auction item, and I can only imagine how much money this piece will help us raise for the great veteran non-profit. I am honored to know these great folks at BGC, not only are they great people, but Will is a Marine Corps combat veteran. I cant say enough good things about the people or the craftsmanship from BGC. Thanks again for everything." - Jeff Kyle



“Received my "Tree of Life" ax from Black guard Customs this week. Incredible work and detail went into this one of a kind ax. Extremely happy with the expertise that was put into this ax.” - Nicholas Bently



 “I bought one of your axes when they showed up on Rogue America’s website. I saw it and told myself next run they do, I’m getting one. Sure enough y’all did another run and my axe arrived a short time after. I loved it so much that I contacted Liam to make another, slightly different axe. The communication was very timely and I loved that he threw a few different ideas at me for the design. I let him take some creative liberties and couldn’t be happier. I am now the proud owner of 2 BlackGuard Custom Axes.” – Scott Hogge



“Just wanted to tell you guys that you make great stuff. Got my first knife from you a few weeks ago and it is the best knife I have ever had. Saving up now for a new axe. Keep up the great work you all do. Thanks!” - Michael Morris



“Dear Liam and Kristi,


I asked Don to make the connection with you, so that I could express my great admiration for your products.


I will treasure them, of course, because they were given to me by a very dear friend. Please, also know that I will treasure your products because they are unique and distinctive. Said another way, they stand out in world of mass produced goods. Moreover, the craftsmanship is superb. I own and display your Blackguard items with great pride.


Thank you for tremendous work and I wish you all the best in business.


Semper fidelis

Tom Linn”