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 The design mock up looks like this. 


We specialize in custom pieces of functional art to include axes, knives, buckles, and anything else challenging.

The process starts with a simple email to with your ideas. For a fee of $30 we collaborate with you and our design team to create a completely custom work of art. We then send you a photo mock-up of what your piece will look like, the cost of the final product, and production time. This fee includes 1 initial design mock-up and 1 modification. Any further additions and changes will require another design/consultation charge. Our custom project timelines vary but typically take 4-6 weeks.

Everything is paid online through a secure payment service so it's quick. The process is fairly simple, it's to the point, personalized, and your custom artwork is guaranteed to never be reproduced. Contact me to get started or if you have any questions - 

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1) How long does it take? 

There are only one person doing designs so typically it can take up to a week to get a turn around on a design mock up depending on how many orders are in front of yours. The production of your project can take 4-6 weeks unless you order something out of the ordinary like a sword, or a project using damascus. It may take longer if you chose exotic materials that we have to special order. Typical axes and knives though, 4-6 weeks. 


2) How much does it cost?

There's no way to get an accurate price unless we know what you want, which is one reason we do the design mock up. The mock up  costs $30 and only then will we know how much it will cost based on materials used, amount of labor involved, and engraving time. Our prices online are similar to the custom order projects based on the same materials and amount of engraving work. For example, a simply designed axe can cost around $250. One with very detailed, heavy engraving will likely cost around $400. Some more, some less. Same with knives. We can usually work with most budgets, just let us know up front and we won't get too crazy.  


3) Are your axes and knives functional?

Absolutely. If you chose a particular piece or you ask us to create extensive artwork on an axe or knife, we will tell you up front if that will effect it's functionality. For example, you want us to create an axe for you but you want the wood handle to be shaped like a spine. We can do that but will tell you up front that extensive carving will take away from the integrity of the wood handle if you decide to use it to chop down wood. Also, we can not guarantee or redo the artwork if you rough up your axe or knife from using it. We can do fixes for a small fee. Sharpening is always free as long as you pay for shipping. 


4) Can I call you to discuss my design?

Unfortunately, we have learned through experience that phone calls for design discussion don't work and lead to forgotten design information. We have several custom orders and inquiries each week and it's too much information to keep track of if it's not in writing for us to look at later. For that purpose, we specifically require that all design information stay via email for reference later. 


Don't hesitate to email if you have other questions. 


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