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*Graphic Warning* The story you're about to read is personal. It's about the lives of a family struggling that almost didn't make it until we met a neighbor named Eric who (undoubtedly through his deceased son, gave freely and without hesitation). Liam and I are very introverted but as we sit, small business owners, people seem to want to know the story. His story. So I will tell it. Not because we want notoriety or pity, but because there is a stigma behind our veterans (or anyone struggling) that seeking mental health treatment is "bad". We will sacrifice our privacy in...

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Show Show 2016 off to a crazy start! Day two we're on screen and shooting a video with yours truly, Freddy Hailey from Pipe Hitters! These guys and gals do some amazing work and they were hand selected to receive one of our Shot Show Exclusive Freedom Axes as our way of saying, "We wanna make bad ass freakin products with you!" Axes, knives, buckles, Yeti Colsters, who knows. This is a fearsome concoction of no shit baddassery about to go down! Stay tuned.....

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