Knife Maker Woes

Knife Maker Woes

Lets take a moment to talk about advertising. 

We first started this company in Austin, TX (just over a year ago), and our first products were hand engraved axes - they were a success! We started advertising on FB, no problems, it was a little complicated for us but we did it. Later we began selling knives and all of the sudden we got the boot, right in the ole kisser! Most of our products, although functional, are tools, art, display pieces for some. We hit a wall because of our items being classified as a "weapon". Despite valiant efforts to argue with FB staff that their primary use was as a "tool", we received the door. To this day I'm baffled why they allowed us to advertise our axes at first but not our knives (survival or hunting) - they refused to answer that question. In fact they were just rude when replying, "we're not having this discussion with you again". Um....ok. 

The definition of weapon is "a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage"

So let me get this straight: I can buy a golf club, a baseball bat, a screw driver, a large rock, a key fob, rope, and a chef's knife, but I can't buy a wood chopping axe, survival tool or hunting knife? Not allowing guns, I get it, but all these other items are and have been used as weapons. So are they classifying these products by their secondary uses, not primary? If so then there should be no problem in allowing the marketing of axes, survival tools, and hunting knifes. I mean after all, isn't a chef's knife used in the same way as a hunting knife? I believe so. 

It seems to me that the world is growing in it's fear of "weapons". I use my pocket knife a dozen times a day for various things but I've never used it as a weapon (so far). Hell I know plenty of folks that keep bats behind their front door or in their car to use as a weapon. They haven't banned bullying on FB either, yet teens are committing suicide over it daily. What a double standard! What a bunch of freakin bologna, pansy-ass, bullshit. I digress. 

I found the following article helpful in explaining the policies of FB and other marketing platforms. It still doesn't make sense of marketing policies but if you're a knife-maker (of any kind), you may find it an interesting read because I'm sure you too have had this same problem. It will not offer any help in getting your ads on the web but it will tell you why you can't. 

Public fear can and will ruin a society.


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