Our Loyalty Program

The folks that work here at BlackGuard are extremely dedicated to quality products and customer satisfaction. Not only do we offer a guarantee for our design work and our products but we like to do it right the first time. We are business owners but we're also consumers just like you. Sadly enough I'm constantly irritated by companies that simply don't treat people with respect and dignity. They just don't care. Our business is small but we strive to make sure your experience is a pleasant one. If you're not happy just let us know. It's really that simple. Don't be rude, just let us fix it. 

On top of offering a guarantee on all our products we've now included a new loyalty program. As long as Blackguard Customs LLC is in business we offer a lifetime cleaning and sharpening for any product you purchase from us, past or future, at no charge. Simply ship your item to BlackGuard Customs LLC 759 Falling Leaves Dr, Adkins TX 78101. We will clean it, oil it, smooth it out, finish it, and return it to you good as new. You pay to ship it here and we pay to ship it back (please include insurance - the one time you don't is the one time the carrier will undoubtedly ruin or lose your package). 

Most of our items are "artsy" yet completely functional. If you play too hard with your BlackGuard product, that's OK. If you damage it we will offer a discounted repair and/or replacement. If it's our fault then we will replace or repair it for free. Please contact us at liam@blackguardcustoms.com.

We look forward to keeping healthy relationships with all our customers.  We may not be fast but we're damn sure going to get it right.....and it's worth it. 


Liam and Kristi