"The Man Spot"

"The Man Spot"

Holy balls we had a visitor (Travis Miller of Milller Tactical) who brought in another visitor to the shop! ! His name is Vaughn but you might already know him as "The Man Spot". The Most Interesting Man in the World holds no candle to this guy! He's become a social media icon and boasts a whopping 50k+ followers on Instagram. This man is the patriot of patriots and oozes the phrase "I don't give a fuck!" We love it!

If you're not following this man-god and his amazing family featuring his gorgeous wife and kid "Mr. Littles", you're missing out on the opportunity for some true American Patriotism as well as a good laugh! 

Why'd he come in though? It seems Mr. Awesome wants to be more awesome by owning an originally designed BlackGuard Customs product. I do believe a "Man Spot" buckle and axe are in order here.....and I do mean order because it's already in the design stages. Stay tuned to see what come out of the genius minds of these two crazy guys when BlackGuard teams up with the original "Man Spot". 

Look, Him, Up! You will not regret it!


  • ncucuypajs

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Ethan Lesondak

    I just had the great pleasure of running into Vaughn in downtown Savannah. My brothers are pissed I didn’t get a picture with him. Oh well. What a cool man and great story!

  • Mark

    Matt your a tool and a troll.

  • Brandon

    This dude has an epic beard and you should follow him on Instagram if you like to have a good laugh after a long day.

    Btw.. anyone who needs to brag about their military service was probably a turd during their enlistment and got out with some BS story claiming they were so bad ass. Stop acknowledging those people, the Man Spot does not care and is surrounded by a lot of SOF veterans in his videos and partnerships. I’m sure he doesn’t have an interest how bad Ass you were he just supports veterans and does cool shit.

  • Miles Fleniken

    Considering he does a lot of advertising for black rifle coffee , which happens to be 100% Veteran owned , I really don’t understand why some veterans are so upset about this even though it’s only one or maybe two , he’s a proud America, if you don’t like him don’t watch him, if you do carry on, that’s why America is so freaking awesome and such a great place to like , the greatest in my opinion, it’s called freedom do what you choose, I personally like the hell out of him. Godspeed America

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