Karambit Prototype Test

Karambit Prototype Test

Hello all! 

As some of you know, we've been working on two new karambit prototypes. The karambit,  is a South East Asian, hand-held fighting knife that features a very curved blade. 

Today we had a very interesting visitor at the shop who came by to test them out. James Young who is a practitioner of Kali, (Filipino Martial Arts) joined us today for a sneak preview and hands on experience with our new karambits, called "Fury" and "GrimSkull". He claims the knives are well balanced, 1/4" thick blades, uniquely designed, and fully functional to serve their purpose.

Fury: This karambit is a hybrid cross between two ancient warrior cultures. This classic East Asian weapon features art derived from the ancient Nordic culture of the Vikings. The hand-engraved runes and artwork give this piece a unique, rugged, and battle-scarred look. The aggressive blade shape is perfect for hook/whip strikes, while the spine of the blade features a devastating sawback edge. The handle is made from cocobolo wood with ring-knot pattern carved into the surface. This knife also comes with a hand-made distressed, leather sheath that matches the rugged look of this blade.

GrimSkull: This karambit is a solid constructed knife that’s hand-shaped and engraved depicting a skull wrapped around the blade. This piece has a hollow ground Tonto style blade. Its rugged look is carried over to the handle with its two tone micarta scales, hand-shaped into connected bone sections that carry up through the ring. The GrimSkull comes with a carbon fiber patterned Holstex sheath that features a shock cord, multi-faceted retention.

We've been working very closely with the owner of Karambits.com and expect to have these products on their website within the next two weeks. You'll be able to find theme here http://www.karambit.com/

More to come on these BlackGuard-inspired, hand-crafted and uniquely engraved Karambits! 



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