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If you've ever wanted to learn the art of knife-making, make a special gift for someone, or do a hands-on project for yourself? Now's the chance! 

What is the difference between "Knife-Making and Bladesmithing"?

Knife Making is commonly referred to as "stock Removal" and is where we cut the shape of the knife out from flat stock steel and use grinders to create the entire blade, grind bevels and edges, and shape handles. These are 2 to 3 day classes.

Bladesmithing is the process of taking an ingot or piece of steel and hammering it to shape on the anvil before using grinders and files to finish the blade. These classes are more labor.

We offer one two-day, weekend Introduction To Knife-Making course at our shop once per month. Weekend classes are on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month from 8am - 4pm (or longer if needed). Our weekday Advanced Knife-Making classes are the 3rd week of the month and can be scheduled any three days between Tuesday and Friday of that week and will run from 8am - 4pm (or longer if needed).

We can change the outline and scheduling of the 3-day class to a 2-day class if available in the schedule.

  Introduction Classes

Intro-1. This class covers the basic design, construction, and principles of knifemaking in a two day hands on format. Students are provided a 2x9 inch piece of steel do design and fabricate their knife from. Students will learn basic handle construction from provided wood handle materials. In addition students will learn basic leather sheath construction.

Intro-2. In this class students will get to practice the skills learned in intro-1 while learning more about edge geometry and grinding profiles. Students will be provided a 3x11 inch piece of steel to create their blade from. This class des not include a sheath.

Advanced Classes 

Our advanced classes are 3 day courses for return students and students of Bladesmiths and Knifemakers who’s course curriculum we are familiar with. To take an advanced course you must have completed the introduction courses. 

Advanced Classes included are.

  1. Full Tang With Bolsters
  2. Hidden Tang With Guard
  3. Frame Handle With Guard
  4. Hidden Tang With Guard And Pommel
  5. Take Down Bowie (must have completed Advanced 2,3,4 before signing up)
  6. Karambit
  7. Chefs Knives/Kitchen Cutlery
  8. Tactical Knives With Kydex Sheath
  9. Blades with Serrations
  10. Artistic Filing and Jimping on Tangs and Spines
  11. Al La Carte Class {special project classes discussed in advance with Liam}

Advanced students can take a Damascus class in order to make materials for advanced classes. 

Classes are currently limited to 2 students per class. Please email for availability dates.

**Release of liability waiver required. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
What an incredible experience!!

Liam took such care in giving the knife-making experience so incredible for my son and me. Liam customized the knife-making class specially geared to my son’s desire to have a Colonial Period knife. With his vast knife book collection, he took the time to show us the knife options and what the distinctions were that would make constructing one most authentic to that period. Liam’s way of teaching is so methodical and patient and he gave such great instruction and attention to detail. He was kind to answer so many questions, his vast knowledge of knives shows how talented and passionate about the history, craftsmanship and skills to making a knife that stands the test of time, we learned so much. Every detail from a sketch, to a slab of steel, to shaping,, to heating and quenching, to adding a patina, to honing a special handle, to sharpening and adding laser-engraved initials, it was amazing to see this custom knife come to life. Not only did my son get to make this incredible knife, but Liam’s leather skills are amazing to. From a piece of leather, he taught him how to cut, dye, shape, hand-sew and buff a beautiful leather sheath custom fitted for his special knife. The entire experience was so memorable and my son feels he has created a family heirloom to treasure. Liam is such a kind soul and it is so apparent that whether it is serving his country or honing his craft of knifes and leather, he dedicates only his very best. We are truly grateful for the most incredible two days and really look forward to coming to do it again. We have highly recommend this experience for yourself!

Joel Mayor
Amazing Experience!

We loved this class so much that we took the advanced course too! If you are reading these reviews to help decide whether you should take the class or not, stop reading and just sign up! My son and I took the classes and learned so much about the finer points of knife making and so much that goes into every single blade. My son goes everywhere with his knife on his hip and is very proud of what he was able to create. Liam is a fun and informative instructor and you won't be let down when taking his class.

Derek Schey
Awesome class!

Had an informative and fun time making a knife with Liam from BlackGuard customs. Liam went through step by step and let me ask questions and guided me to make a knife I was excited about and it turned out great! I will be back for another class in the near future. I can not recommend enough, if you have any desire to start making knives or learn new techniques Liam is your man!

Prater & Son
Father Son class

Where to begin... I have to say we were very much impressed with the overall experience. My son and I have never done anything like this before but we were very interested in learning. The instructions given and the depth of knowledge provided to us was phenomenal even for a beginner class. Our knives came out excellent only because of Liam's abilities of course. We will definitely book another class, who knows maybe even the family.