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This project is dedicated to all my sea loving warriors!

This giant battle axe represents an old Icelandic legend of a sea monster called the "Kraken", said to live off the coast of Norway and Greenland. This monster was reported to resemble a large octopus and it became known for attacking ships at sea. The front of the axe features Kraken and engraved into the handle is, "She is beautiful, dark, and deep - In her depths my soul she keep" The back of the axe features the helm and the handle is engraved with, "HOLD FAST". 

It's a 13 inch stainless steel blade with a leather wrapped handle. Weight: approx. 3lb. You can customize this great piece with up to 8 characters (initials, a date, MOS, unit, branch of svc etc) placed either on the front tentacle of the Kraken or the back along the helm. 


This product utilizes the SZCO Viking Battle Axe as a base. 

  • Handle is 24-Inch
  • Blade is stainless steel
  • Handle is wood
  • Blade is 13-Inch
  • 27-Inch overall length